Cybercriminals are Calling Ransomware Victims

Cybercriminals are Calling Ransomware Victims

Cyber criminals are calling victims demanding they stop restoring from backup and pay up!

Why your best offense is a great defense and how we can help you get there/

In a very 2020 move, cybercriminals have realized the power of the telephone and begun calling victims they believe are trying to restore from backup and avoid paying the demanded ransom.  (ZDNet,

If you can’t imagine getting a phone call demanding that you stop trying to restore files and pay the ransom, here’s part of a transcript of a call as an example:

"Hello, We're aware a 3rd party IT company is working on your network. We continue to monitor your company and know that you're trying to restore your files from backup. It won't help! If you want to stop wasting time, we recommend that you discuss this situation with us or the problems with your network will never end."

As technology services providers, we’re familiar with strong-arm maneuvers like publishing pieces of stolen data online, increasing fines incrementally, or threatening to notify the media. But this brazen shakedown is an escalation in ransomware extortion unlike anything we’ve seen and shows the kind of pressure criminals will apply to ensure victims pay ransom demands after they've encrypted a company’s network.

What can be done?

Like putting the toothpaste back in the tube, once a business is hit with an effective ransomware attack the options are limited.  

In the world of cybersecurity, the best offense is a great defense and for a small or midsize business this means engaging with a technology partner that understands the importance of advanced cybersecurity tools, air gapped backups and of course – user training!

User Training

As we’ve always maintained, security software and tools like antivirus/anti-malware, breach detection/breach prevention, backups, firewalls and all the rest are all critical pieces of any defense in depth strategy.  

But with over 99% of successful cyberattacks requiring human intervention (Help Net Security,a true layered approach to cybersecurity must include training and infusing the essence of security into your corporate culture.

Our Holiday Gift to You!

We believe an organization’s culture sets the tone for cybersecurity, and to help our friends in the small/midsize business community, we’re offering a Free Cybersecurity Training session for your entire team from now through the end of the year.

Get a handle on your corporate culture. Show your team cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and they can protect the organization and themselves. For more information or to sign up for our Cybersecurity training just click here or send us an email.