Is your IT service provider leaving you boxed in?

Is your IT service provider leaving you boxed in?

For many businesses, one all-inclusive monthly fee is a great way to manage IT needs. And, while in principal we agree with the model, it’s troubling to talk with a prospect who believes their former vendor sold them a “trip that didn’t match the brochure”.

Where do business leaders go wrong when selecting an IT services vendor? How can you be sure your MSP will cover all your support needs?

IT vendors offering all-inclusive pricing generally follow a rigid set of one-size fits all service and support terms. Standard issues are covered, but many customers find themselves with unexpected monthly bills for issues that don’t fall within contract parameters.

But, as systems advance, some providers have been able to match all-inclusive offerings with specific, individualized client needs. This is more difficult than it sounds and requires a mature MSP with an empathetic approach, an ability to problem solve, and a real desire to be that trustedpartner.  

Here are a few things you can do to avoid getting trapped in an MSP’s box of offerings:

• Review the “fine print” and discuss service exclusions, data retention fees, technology refreshes, and network updates. These “edge cases” (which many are led to believe will never happen) are in fact where IT vendors can profit the most.  
• It’s not just about Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and response times. Exclusions should also be clearly documented, easily explained, and discussed. Most IT providers won’t cover things like printers, phones and 3rd party apps. But what if those are critical to your business?
• Talk with your team to understand all your company’s specific technology needs. A more technically savvy staff with modern equipment could require less support, but things like remote access, collaboration tools, cybersecurity, and support for third-party apps should be considered.  
• Also critical is a solution where clients aren’t locked into a single provider and can move business apps and data without a massive lift and shift operation. This is key to the client-vendor relationship and ensures transparent billing and the best service possible

Success in 2020 stems directly from your flexibility and ability to adapt in a world of change and uncertainty. A trusted IT services partner/MSP is a must-have, and critical for any organization looking to build or even remain competitive.  

Take your time, chose your partner carefully, and email us with any questions or concerns. We’re happy to be a resource!