Superbowl Squares for Charity

Superbowl Squares for Charity

Win for Your Charity in our 2021 Super Bowl Squares Contest!

With a new listing on Google Business and a new page on LinkedIn, we need a few connections and we need your positive reviews. Here's how you can help...

Follow us on LinkedIn & get a square. It’s that simple!

Or, take it up a notch and send us a business referral and we’ll give you two squares. Or Follow us on LinkedIn, review us on Google, and send us a referral and will give you FIVE squares and a great shot at winning a cash prize for your charity.

With 5 ways to enter, you just need to choose one:

     >  Click here for our Google listing submit a review and get One square

     >  Or, click here for our LinkedIn Page follow our Page get One square

     >  Or, know a business that needs help with IT? Introduce us and get Two squares

     >  Or, review us on Google and follow us on LinkedIn and get Two squares

     >  Or, review us on Google, follow us on LinkedIn & make an intro and get Five Squares!

Congrats Todd Berman & Your Selected Charity, The Friendship Circle of Fairfield County!

Rules and fine print

1.      Boxes will be assigned numerically based on the order reviews/introductions are received
2.      You’ll receive an email confirmation of your square selection
3.      Teams & point values will be assigned randomly (0-9, Top & Left) on Saturday, February 6, 2021   
4.      Updates to the board will be posted on this blog page regularly
5.      There will only be one (1) winner, based on the final score
6.      The person whose square corresponds with the intersection of the second digit of each team’s score wins (for example, a 28–17 score pays out to the owner of the square at row 8, column 7)
7.     Winner's charity must be a registered 501(c)3


If you have questions, need more info or want to schedule a time to connect send us an email. Best of luck and thanks for playing!