Prioritizing Your Cybersecurity Spend in the age of Covid-19

Prioritizing Your Cybersecurity Spend in the age of Covid-19

Is cybersecurity more about your company’s culture than your technology?

As remote workers drive organizations to invest in the latest cybersecurity tools and technology, criminals appear unphased and continue to exploit business networks by targeting softer targets: people.

From basic prevention technology like antivirus, antimalware and firewalls, to user training modules and more advanced cybersecurity like breach detection, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, an organization can deploy a variety of security tools and technology. And while many of these are critical, they can quickly become costly and still not be completely effective.

How does an organization prioritize its cybersecurity investment, especially in 2020 when so many vulnerable small and midsize businesses are struggling in an uncertain marketplace?  

We believe the answer rests within a company’s culture and we encourage all our clients to embrace the idea of Security as a Culture – with consistent, top down messaging that promotes the importance of cybersecurity and a “think before you move” mentality.

·        Frequent messaging from leaders and management to inform employee behavior
·        Documented and enforceable policies customized to the needs of your business
·        Ongoing user Training with measurable analytics to reinforce and retrain when necessary  
·        Solutions that reflect your specific privacy concerns and industry compliance requirements
·        Immerse your staff in a "Culture of Security" so that with every action they execute cybersecurity is top of mind

Software and technology tools are critical. Backup is critical. Patch updates are critical. Pen tests are critical. Internal threat scans, breach detection, multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention all are critical to ensure security.  

But if 99% of cyberattacks rely on human intervention [Proofpoint, “Human Factor 2019”; September 2019], your people need to be an active part of the solution. Employee awareness can’t be overlooked, and cybersecurity needs to be an everyday conversation. Your team should feel as though they are the first & last line of defense in a cyberattack – because, in many ways, they are.

So… is your business culture a liability? What if it was a strength? Contact us to learn more or setup a time to speak by emailing