A Business Case for Zero Trust Cybersecurity

A Business Case for Zero Trust Cybersecurity

As the medical community wrestles with securing patient data against cyber threats, one doctor's office is defending itself with a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity.


Physicians have always been at the front of the line when it came to technology integration. Among the first to realize the benefits wearing a pager, having a cell phone, using a tablet, and essentially digitizing their business, doctors and researchers are typical early adopters of mobile, Cloud and IOT systems.

Now, as attacks on the healthcare industry make weekly news, personal information (PII) floods the black market, and steep fines take their toll,doctors and practice administrators wonder what they can do differently.  


A holistic strategy, a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity means that you:

     1) Verify Explicitly

     2) Use Least Privilege

     3) Assume Breach

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